About Safe Guard

A Leading Certified Hood Cleaning Company, In St. Louis Missouri, the Fire Marshal follows the NFPA 96 Standards.

If your organization is using a non-certified Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company, it is considered to be negligence on your part according to NFPA 96 Standards

If one of your establishments has a fire that originates in the commercial kitchen exhaust system, it could be an issue in getting your insurance company to pay for the grease fire damage.

Benefits of Working with Safe Guard Fire Protection.

Certified Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaners and Inspectors in compliance.

Reference NFPA 96:  *8-3.3.1 regarding Kitchen Hood certified cleaner requirement.


25 years experience in the field of Kitchen Exhaust System cleaning In depth knowledge and understanding of Kitchen Exhaust Systems, fire and safety codes. Utilizing the most advanced methods, rules, and technologies.

Quality Assurance Program:

Trained technicians! Thorough cleaning of complete Kitchen Exhaust system, hood, Fan, Belts, Motors, Ducts, Flues, Filters. Field Supervisors perform random inspections to inspect workmanship performed by crews.

24 Hour customer service, Professional, courteous, and efficient. All health and safety issues given immediate priority.

Free job survey and estimate.

Flexible scheduling process to meet your specific needs Post job inspection reports. Any concerns will be addressed immediately.

Benefits of Properly Maintaining your Kitchen Hood Exhaust System Beyond safety concerns. There are other benefits to properly maintaining your Kitchen Hood Exhaust System.

Here are some of those benefits:

The Kitchen Exhaust Hood System helps to keep up proper airflow in your kitchen. Odors and excess smoke, caused by grease and oils, are not what you want, your customers to experience.

When the fan becomes heavily greased, it slows down, affecting the air balance in the kitchen by reducing the amount of air being exhausted. This can cause kitchen odors to easily leak into the dining area.

To run efficient, the Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System must be cleaned to prevent excess grease accumulation. When the Kitchen Exhaust System is greasy, more wear occurs, which leads to premature replacement of parts, service calls.

By allowing Safe Guard Commercial Hood Cleaning to service your commercial fire system, you are staying compliant, and will eventually save money and cut your exposure to grease fire liabilities.

A well cleaned Kitchen Hood Exhaust system (down to bare metal) will cut the deposit of grease on to the metal surfaces.

Grease will not adhere to smooth clean metal surfaces then rough grease laden surfaces. With proper maintenance, the maintenance itself is easier and therefore less costly.

New clients who have not properly maintained their Kitchen Exhaust Hood typically spend much more money to do a deep cleaning and bring their system into compliance.

After your thorough commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning performed by Safe Guard, the change in the kitchen can be seen and smelled.

A properly cleaned and serviced Commercial Kitchen Exhaust system circulates air by removing hot, smoky and greasy air and pulling clean air in,  resulting in a cleaner environment for your staff, residents, and establishment patrons.

Kitchen Exhaust System that are safely functioning at peak performance levels will give a cooler, cleaner and more productive working environment for your kitchen staff.

Decreased energy costs from reduced cooling and decrease your liability as well as save you from costly damages which result from not maintaining your exhaust system.

Properly maintaining your Kitchen Exhaust Hood system is required to follow NFPA 96: Standard fire code.

But beyond safety, the above benefits help to offset the maintenance costs and improve the overall functionality of your Kitchen Exhaust Hood System.

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