Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Info

Kitchen Exhaust System cleaning, In depth knowledge and understanding of Kitchen Exhaust Systems, fire and safety codes.

Trained technicians!

Thorough cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust system hood, Fan, Belt, Motor, Duct, Flue, Filter.

24 Hour customer service, Professional, courteous, and efficient. All health and safety issues given immediate priority.

Flexible scheduling process to meet your specific needs, Post job inspection reports. Any concerns addressed immediately.

Benefits of Properly Maintaining your Kitchen Exhaust Hood System Beyond safety concerns.

A well cleaned Kitchen Exhaust Hood System (down to bare metal) will cut the deposit of grease on to the metal surfaces.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood System that is safely working at peak performance will give a cooler, cleaner and more productive environment for your staff.

Decreased energy costs from reduced cooling and increased staff productivity are the result.

NFPA 96 Fire Code 4.1.5 states:

The responsibility for inspection, maintenance, and cleanliness of the ventilation control and fire protection of the commercial cooking operations shall ultimately be that of the owner of the system, provided that this responsibility has not been transferred in written form to a management company, tenant, or other party.


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